Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Orders.

For the past 3 days we had been working on last minute orders for 2 customers. Ms. Lourdes and Ms.Grace. Here's what we did for them:

Order By Ms. Lourdes:

Mini Dinosaur Art Displays

Close Up

2 Mini Monkey Art Display
Close Up

Off our shelves purchase. Cattleya orchid.

Wrapping for the flower arrangement

Wrapping for Small Art display

All Gifts were produced and wrapped in the time frame of  less than 24 hours. However the pot of flower was purchased off the shelve.

Order By Ms Grace:

5 Pieces of the Mini Monkey Key chains

Wrapped in Small Pouches (Christmas Color).

 For the Key Chains we had 2 days to complete everything inclusive of wrapping.

And since it's christmas, we were in the mood of giving too hence wrapping was on the house. Thank You to the both of these customers for you kind suppot and orders. Hope to work with you again soon!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


Ian & Michelle
Claytivity Art Studio 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Polymer Clay Flower

Dear all,

We noticed that there hasn't been a post on our polymer clay flower before. Hence we would like to share a little something that we had been working on the past month. In the midst of our busy schedule preparing for our marketing campaign we were able to produce these two pot's of beauties. We present to you the Phalaenopsis orchid clay flower and cymbidium small breed to you. Enjoy!

Phalaenopsis by Ian

Middle Stalk (Small Phalaenopsis)

Cymbidium Small By Michelle

As you might have known alredy we are conducting classes on the polymer flower making classes. However, we are also taking in special orders or those who are interested in purchasing these ready made arrangments can do so by contacting us. 


Ian Law
Claytivity Art Studio 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Promo Time!!

Our Promo Placard

Dear All,

In Regards to yesterdays post on our personalised flyer's holder, We would like to do a little explanation on our promotional campaign. If you have been following our previous posts you would have noticed our eye catching flyer holder. If you look closely in front of the holder you would notice a card as in the picture above.

Yes, we are giving a special discount to the first 100 customers that sign up for our Classes! Those who present us with the flyer during their visit to our studio will enjoy a special discount for the chosen package that they are interested in signing up.

We have also assigned a flyers distribution company to distribute our flyers around the housing area of Bangsar and Damansara Heights. Hence, if you do receive it in your mailbox, Just bring it to our studio and you will receive the same discount if  you are in the line up for the first 100 customers.

Below are the terms and condition of our promotion:

1) Limited strictly to the first 100 Customers only.

2) Not applicable with other promotion packages that our studio is offering.

3) Only while promotion period lasts.

4) Students who wish to share a package during signing up are not eligible for the discount.

5) Applicable only for Class fee and not to our products.

For more information on our promo or classes packages, please do not hesitate to contact:

Ian: +6012 6564966
Michelle: +6017 320 3173

We hope to hear and see from you guys soon and have a pleasant Weekend.


Ian and Michelle
Claytivity Art Studio

Personalised Flyer's Holder

Dear all,

We had been working hard for this for the past week and now it's finally done!
We present our very own personalised Flyer's Holder. The 2 designs of our first batch is already placed in 2 restaurant's; Namely our very own neighbor's Devi's Corner and another at Marmalade Bangsar Village 2.

Here's a BIG Thank You to the management of these 2 restaurants for allowing us to do this. We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!

Here's a View of it:

Meet out very own Personalised Holders.
Aren't they just adorable?? :)


Our Canvas, a blank transparent Flyer Holder.


Devi's Corner Version:

Playful Teddies Painting the Wall

Marmalade's Version:

Assorted cookies on top of dripping chocolate sauce.

We are currently working on the 2nd batch of these holders targeted to be completed by next week.

In conjunction with the placement of these holders in specific restaurants and Boutiques, We are also launching a special promotion for the first 100 customers to present the flyer to us during their visit to our studio. A write up of it's own will be posted tomorrow on the details of our promo.


Ian and Michelle
Claytivity Art Studio

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Student of the Month (December 2010)

Dear all,

We are proud to feature our student of the month for December 2010.

Meet Qi Qi, Age 6. Qi qi Managed to complete our creative class package of 3 projects (Small Items) in 2.5 weeks. Which is quite a remarkable accomplishment for child of her age.

As every other child, when we first met Qi Qi she was rather shy and quiet. However children always are full of surprises as we discovered along the 2.5 weeks journey with her. She was actually very expressive and vocal. She also opened up to us with most of the ideas in the creation of her work. Besides that, as every other child her age. She is full of curiosity wanting to know how things work.  She would often bombard us with the question Why? Why? Why? (The typical question that every child would ask.)

We hope to see more of Qi qi's creation in the future as we really did have a lot of fun time together guiding her to complete these beautiful art pieces. Kudos to you Qi qi!

Qi Qi and her final Project.
Photo Frame For her Grandma this Christmas!

1st Project
Door knob Signage with her Initials on top

2nd project
Toilet Signage with underwater world creatures
(Students Own Idea)

3rd Project
Photo Frame with Ribbon Wrapped Gifts and Christmas Tree's with Ornaments
(Students Own Idea)


Ian and Michelle
Claytivity Art Studio.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Commission Work (Wedding Anniversary Gift)

Recently we recieved a commission work for a Wedding Anniversary Gift. Our customer wanted a sculpture of a couple from our cuties collection. The idea that we came out for the customer was (very) personalised as they were a fan of the brand Gucci. We thought why not create something that originate from the country where the brand was from. Hence came the idea of a couple sitting beside a fountain (inspired from the movie When In Rome) taking a picture from their Nikon DSLR.  Here's A view of what we produced for our customer:

Full View From Top
Close-up of the Husband
Close-up of the Wife

View of Fountain (With Little Coin's Inside)

Little boy Sculpture gracing the top of the fountain

Nikon DSLR

Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy

Gucci Men's Sling
GUCCI Shopping bag

Wrapping for Protection

Into the Box

Personalised Wrapping ready for Collection

Due to respect for our customer. We Post this up only today Marking the day of  the Anniversary itself. Happy 8th Anniversary to you and Hubby Ms. Ain!


Ian Law
Claytivity Art Studio

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Follow Up

Dear All,

First and foremost sorry for yet another delay in the post update. We had been really busy at work for the past month but will have more to feature here on the upcoming days. As promised here are the pictures on the cuties collection update in regards to the previous post. This piece is actually still under construction as there should be more teddies in display and also a few other types of props but we do not want to hold back any longer and will post up a picture of it for now. However there will be another feature of this piece once everything is updated.  Sorry again to keep everyone waiting and hope you guys like it! ;)


Ian Law.
Claytivity Art Studio.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Dear all,

Sorry for the long absence but as promised, we are working on the much anticipated cuties collection...
The end product fot this would be 3 time the size of the previous one and features 2 doll's on it going on a shopping spree for teddies.
The project would be completed in a few days time as there are a few more minor touch up's but we are so excited about it that i have to post a preview of it. Hope you guy's like it and come back in a few days time!


Ian Law.
Claytivity Art Studio.

Mosiac art incorporated as the centre piece of the mall.

Greek Influence pillar's as Stands for the Bonsai Pots

Shopping Bag

Hermes Birkin Bag

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cuties Collection @ Claytivity!

Dear all,

We are launching a cuties collection clay figurine class at our studio. In fact those who are interested can already register for this course. There will be no time limit given on the completion of the project's and students can come to learn anytime at their convenience. Prices for course are as follows:

1 Doll: Rm 150
3 Dolls: Rm 350
6 Dolls: Rm 600

These little figurines are really easy to make and cute! Different theme's can be created for the display and fixtures of the project and we will guide you closely to make sure what you intend to portray comes to life.
If you notice closely the head of the doll is slightly larger than other body part's to give that really cute and adorable appeal.

This is the first feature that we came up with. Little stylish boy carrying a Paul smith Messenger bag walking his shih- tzu in the park. Hope you guys enjoy and more displays will be coming up soon.

Front View

Side View


Little Shih-Tzu Dog

Please note that everything in this display is 100% made from our toy clay.

For more enquiries on the cuties collection and classes please contact:

Ian: 012-6564966
Michelle: 017-3203173


Ian Law
Claytivity Art Studio.